Once the Mumbai don took refuge in Uttar Pradesh after a hit job. Today it is the criminal politicians of UP who use use Mumbai as a safe house.

Open Essay

The Political Editor of The Economist returns to the last General Election to make sense of India 2014

A Bend in the...

The wait is over. The Congress Party has found a man to fight Modi from Benares.


The lamentation of Romila Thapar, our most venerable historian, is understandable: philistines have come to dominate the political space.


Arun Jaitley plays the Punjabi to perfection in his maiden parliamentary battle from Amritsar. Indrajit Hazra gets a ride in the BJP leader’s campaign Toyota

Protesting in Memoriam

Homi Bhabha’s bungalow is to be auctioned off but atomic energy employees want it as a memorial

Person of the Week
Vijay Seshadri

A brief look at what makes the Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet of Indian origin deserving of the honour

The Indian Liberal

For not speaking against a publisher cancelling a book written by a pro-Modi writer

Bhoothnath Returns

Bachchan and the kid pull off some funny scenes, but then it gets all preachy on us

Play it Again, MTV

The music channel returns to glory with the launch of MTV Indies

A Family of Fine Taste

An unlettered carpet merchant and art dealer in Amritsar chanced upon the Pahari school of painting. His son keeps the legacy going


Where Rahul Gandhi is an ancestral memory and Varun Gandhi is the intimate Other. The dynamics of a dynasty as the author travels through Amethi, Rae Bareily and Sultanpur


As the Odisha Chief Minister is all set for a fourth term, Ullekh NP, travelling across the state, finds out why one of India’s suavest politicians is the smartest as well


The déjà vu around the fall and rise of BCCI administrators


In a campaign that is outright macho, Divya Guha in Vidisha is frustrated by an absence called Sushma Swaraj


Elections in the Age of Data Power


Giving up mirrors for 31 days gave Sonali Kokra the time and space to reflect upon and reclaim her life.


Adobe will only offer its software on an online cloud and no longer sell CDs. Is this a smart strategy for India?


Open Essay

Why President Obama will find Prime Minister Modi very disconcerting


Why the prospects of the Congress’ fifth-generation dynastic gamble hang by a slender thread


In India, faith may not be in power but the faithful is empowered by the State that is not committed to freedom

True Life

When Najaraus, HIV-negative, met Maitri, HIV-positive


Shopping in the black market of social media


R.I.P. The female condom


The secret bazaar of sex toys

Ethnic Cleansing

Driven out of Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have become the nowhere people of Asia


Strains of rock music have begun to waft across the gullies of Nizamuddin that usually reverberate with qawwalis


What a book by Mata Amritanandamayi’s former personal assistant says about the pitfalls of faith