Modi’s ‘Broken India’ theme carries the first notation of Conservatism—and a moderniser’s social vision

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The understated revolution of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

100 Days of...

An amazing transition from Candidate to Prime Minister, from Seeker to Giver

100 days of...

Modi’s first hundred days may not have been bedazzling but his Independence Day speech reveals his passion for change

100 Days of...

Narendra Modi didn’t bother to tweak policies to please any bloc. Regional stability and local economic growth topped his agenda

100 days of Modi

From UPA rule to NDA, the transition has been dramatic. But Modi needs to understand the inherent value of dissent

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The beheading of James Foley and the sinister truth about ISIS

Web Exclusive

Never before has the first three months of a Prime Minister been looked through a multi focal lens


This police film’s predictable plot line is rather low on thrills

Harvester of Strife

Jeremy Seabrook, a lyrical narrator of socioeconomic conflict, takes us to the factories of Bangladesh and England

The international list

Japanese introverts, aircraft carriers, celebrity interviews, new dope on a legendary double agent and more


Lowest ever numbers coupled with clueless leadership, Congress lacks direction as an opposition both within and outside Parliament


The evolution of Ganesha from a city deity to one of the most popular gods in the Indian pantheon


Roshan Seth on Richard Attenborough (1923–2014), the man behind one of the greatest biopics ever made


Kerala’s decision to ban liquor bars outside of five-star hotels could dampen the state’s economic spirits and spawn new vices

A Problematic Passage to India

Animal welfare activists are alarmed by Mumbai zoo’s plan to import six penguins from Thailand

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The Red Devils’ Angel

Why Manchester United has spent £59.7 million on acquiring El Fideo, ‘the noodle’, as this lean footballer is often called

Weeding out Meaningless Laws

Out of the 1382 Acts recommended for repeal by the committee, only 415 have been repealed so far


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Intimations of a New Establishment and the Return of Real India


Strains of rock music have begun to waft across the gullies of Nizamuddin that usually reverberate with qawwalis


The woman believed to be the wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat lives in a one-room home


Why the prospects of the Congress’ fifth-generation dynastic gamble hang by a slender thread


Four trendsetters in Indian fashion re-imagine menswear for a cool summer look

True Life

When Najaraus, HIV-negative, met Maitri, HIV-positive


R.I.P. The female condom

Ethnic Cleansing

Driven out of Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have become the nowhere people of Asia


Shopping in the black market of social media


A journey in search of the real Amit Shah