In the big bad world, it is again the Russian who happens to be the biggest baddie


As rebellion erupts and resentment grows in Congress, the leader is out of sight as usual. A party sliding deeper into irrelevance


...And the Modi Government is all set for discreet hiring of potential candidates from schools and colleges. The new frontier of national security


How the novelist in her simplistic rhetoric on caste got Gandhi wrong

Open Essay

The IB report on NGOs brings out the battle between the state and nature

Please, we’re Palestinian sympathisers

Muslim-owned eateries boycott soft drinks this Ramzan to protest the US support of Israel

Justice Katju
The whistleblower

With a single Facebook swoop, the former judge has exposed the malleability of the last government as much as the frailty of our judiciary

A new low even for the Shiv Sena

The MPs were allegedly upset that the state residency was not serving Maharashtrian food

Hate Story 2

A cut-and-dried execution of a good concept renders this film an insipid watch

The truth behind the laughter

The hilarious diary of a Pakistani socialite returns in its third sortie to cause a flutter yet again

The real deal

This elegant novel about young people in Delhi is a quietly subversive commentary on urban Indian life—and one of the most original voices in recent Indian fiction


We step into the world of alien worshippers in India who have been thrilled by the discovery of rock paintings depicting UFOs in Chhattisgarh


Once a bank officer, the determined herbal king of Kondagaon shakes money from trees in the Maoist strongholds of Bastar through a collective of 20,000 Tribals whose business looks to expand worldwide. The man and his empire


A walk through the grand alleys of Mughal history and the imprints of the rise, decline and fall of the imperial capital of Shahjahanabad, which is now being redeveloped


Documentaries, long relegated to alternative screens, are now wooing multiplex audiences in India with unprecedented creative fervour


While the Supreme Court has issued notices to states and union territories seeking their views on legalising passive euthanasia, the families of comatose patients Shruti, Najma and Amit refuse to even discuss the issue. They think they are being unjust to their loved ones


The Modi model of governance has banished power brokers and set in motion a new work culture. The inside story


The rise of vegetarian terrorism


Open Essay

Intimations of a New Establishment and the Return of Real India


Strains of rock music have begun to waft across the gullies of Nizamuddin that usually reverberate with qawwalis


The woman believed to be the wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat lives in a one-room home


Why the prospects of the Congress’ fifth-generation dynastic gamble hang by a slender thread


Four trendsetters in Indian fashion re-imagine menswear for a cool summer look

True Life

When Najaraus, HIV-negative, met Maitri, HIV-positive


R.I.P. The female condom

Ethnic Cleansing

Driven out of Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have become the nowhere people of Asia


Shopping in the black market of social media


A journey in search of the real Amit Shah