It is China, a First World power with a Third World mindset, that will test Modi’s still evolving art of internationalism

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The manhunt for Yasin Bhatkal was India’s most meticulously planned undercover operation. An Open Exclusive chronicles India’s most sensational...

Open Essay

The Modi-Abe bromance is built on a grand Asian project

Al Qaeda

The latest jihadist threat to India is real because the new al Qaeda is a branch of Pakistan’s military


As the murder politics of CPM and RSS in northern Kerala continues to seek martyrs in the most gruesome ways, ULLEKH NP in Kannur traces the origins of the violence to a...

Web Exclusive

The Union minister’s comment that animal slaughter was funding terrorism is as preposterous as it is opportunistic


Pakistan’s experiment with democracy is as incendiary as ever


Ford shaped the previous century in no small measure and could yet shape this one too

Mary Kom

Devoid of authenticity and political depth, this biopic disappoints on many levels

Kathmandu, Mon Amour

A compelling love song for the author’s adoptive home, a city of multiple paradoxes

The Big Bad Shah

The memoir of Hindi cinema’s enfant terrible brings out in vivid colours the turbulent early years of an exceptional talent


As the second edition of the only national crossword competition gets underway, we take a look at the intriguing close-knit community of the best solvers in India


A veteran Canadian filmmaker captures the miracle and mayhem of the Indian rains in a remarkable documentary that premiered last week at the 39th Toronto International Film Festival


In film censorship, it’s the man or woman on top that matters


Waiting for Narendra Modi to regain the city that never stops dreaming

The Village Still Waits

News that the apex court has stayed serial killer Surinder Koli’s execution is greeted with shrugs in Nithari

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An Indian Star

The tennis star who was called Pakistan’s daughter-in-law dedicates her US Open triumph to India

Jammu & Kashmir
An Opportunity for Reassessment

Army has deployed more than 20,000 soldiers to carry out rescue operations


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Intimations of a New Establishment and the Return of Real India


Strains of rock music have begun to waft across the gullies of Nizamuddin that usually reverberate with qawwalis


The woman believed to be the wife of the most powerful man in Gujarat lives in a one-room home


Why the prospects of the Congress’ fifth-generation dynastic gamble hang by a slender thread


Four trendsetters in Indian fashion re-imagine menswear for a cool summer look

True Life

When Najaraus, HIV-negative, met Maitri, HIV-positive


R.I.P. The female condom

Ethnic Cleansing

Driven out of Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims have become the nowhere people of Asia


Shopping in the black market of social media


A journey in search of the real Amit Shah