His Own Way

Big things are expected of Raj Kumar Gupta, the man who made Aamir. He knows this, but is doing his damnedest to ignore it

A Rebuke from Rani

The actress talks about No One Killed Jessica and frets about journalists jumping to conclusions about the real-life inspiration for her TV-anchor role in the movie

Flubbergast Yourself

Meet Flubber. He wears baby powder to work, holds up traffic after he is done for the day, and claims he was not born this way. The story of how a copywriter with an MBA turned into a clown

The Undead

This filmmaker has not done anything worthwhile for quite some time. But why do Ram Gopal Varma’s peers still believe he is in experimentation mode?

Smokin’ Hot Sheila

Farah Khan has the country tripping on a Bollywood number with a difference: an item girl who hints at onanism and has hearts throbbing all the more for it

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