The Hungry Poet

Over 300 books, films for Satyajit Ray, a friend of Allen Ginsberg. And, of course, poetry that has redefined love, rebellion and restlessness. Just how do you define Sunil Gangopadhyay?

About Science and Sex

Tired of the same old stuff about love and loss, migrants and displacement? Delve into Ian McEwan’s Solar and encounter the discomforts of making science interesting.

Three Minutes and Fame

The gramophone era in India made stars of gaanewalis who would otherwise be heard only at
mehfils. Experience the ethos of the time, and find out how vinyl records, with their three-minute
format, came to change social norms in the 20th century.

Kidnapped by the State

A professor in the US takes up the cause of a terror detainee of Pakistani origin who, she says, is guilty only of being a Muslim and a critic of US policies.

Come Back, Elvis

Elvis, all ye mortals, was obviously an alien with superpowers. This explains everything, from his remarkable music to the crazy love he inspired. On his 75th year, Open calls for the King to rejoin his people.

The Love of Lust

The so-called sexual revolution has created a generation of braggarts who love to flaunt their sexual prowess. Flip the coin, and what you see is a society of men and women anxious not to be seen as sexual have-nots.

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