Confessions of a Fashion Blogger

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“Bloggers should be a part of all fashion weeks. We are a big influence on what people on the street wear”

Once you put yourself out there on the net, with your pictures, there are bound to be some haters among the many who follow your blog. Many people think bloggers are self-obsessed and narcissistic. They leave comments about your poses, your clothes and some are really not nice. Some are a bit jealous too. I have been told that the sunglasses I wear, which are my trademark, are so not doing me any favour! But I don’t listen. Many bloggers get nasty comments on their weight; some are accused of being spoilt brats because they wear nice brands. But that happens and you have to get used to it.

But even worse than the haters is the fact that most women bloggers get objectified by men who browse through these blogs. One boy told me that most fashion blogs are like soft porn sites. That’s just absurd. But the comments are vile—some guys say things like ‘who cares about the clothes, check out the girl’, ‘what nice legs does this one have’. They take something creative, which is meant to inspire people, and turn it into something disgusting.

Now that bloggers are getting popular, many brands think we could do posts on them for free. But that’s not right because if you are going to do a post about them and get them customers, we should get things in return. But this is changing and a few PR companies do get bloggers involved in a great way.

I also feel that, as it happens internationally, bloggers should be an integral part of all fashion weeks in this country. We are a big influence on what people on the street are wearing, and we should get respect for that. Fashion magazines, though, are doing a lot for bloggers and every month there is a piece on what fashion bloggers think of recent trends.

(She has been blogging for a little over a year now. Her blog is called Bombay Bubble)

As told to Aastha Atray Banan