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Harry Potter has managed to touch more hearts than other superhero films

The last few months on the silver screen have been dominated by superheroes: Kung Fu Panda, Transformers and X-Men. Joining the bandwagon is the wizard boy-next-door, Harry Potter, and his entourage. Harry Potter has managed to touch more hearts than other superhero films simply because of believable characters. It is a simple story, carefully conceived, with no loose ends. It made people cry when Cedric Diggory, Sirius Black, Mad-Eye Moody, Dumbledore and Dobby passed away.

There’s the age-old argument of a book being better than its film adaptation and the Harry Potter franchise has faced similar charges. The films have received more flak than praise for their sheer inability to be as exciting and comprehensive as the books.

But when director David Yates decided he was going to break the seventh of the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, into two parts, fans all over the world celebrated. After watching the first part last year, they did not come out disappointed, but wanted more. The anticipation around the last part is even more as its forerunner was the finest directed film of the series. It is also going to be an emotional journey for fans the world over as this will be the last they see of Harry and his friends.

Harry Potter may have been a figment of JK Rowling’s imagination, but people lapped it up like no other book. The seventh book reportedly sold 15 million copies on the first day of its release. The franchise has also been among the top grossers at the box-office.

Harry Potter, a boy alone in this world till he finds out that he is a wizard, has taken million on the rollercoaster ride of his life after he is admitted to Hogwarts. He has all the qualities of a leader, but he also errs, like Muggles. That is why we relate to him, and that is why the madness.