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Web Exclusive: Budget 2017

Highlights: Finance Minister #ArunJaitley at #OpenHouseWithFM

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In conversation with top industry leaders

# The Universal Basic Income needs political consensus to replace the current unstructured subsidies.
# Subject of political funding was very close to my heart and the Prime Minister.  
# In a short period of 2-3 weeks, 18 lakh people identified whose deposits post-demonetisation don't match their profile income.
# Rural sanitation has significantly improved in the last three years.
# To achieve 3.2 per cent fiscal deficit is reasonably possible.
# This had to be a "spend more" Budget because of a slowdown in investment.
# We are trying to reduce the personal contact between the tax man and the tax payer
# Government has done everything to improve manufacturing. Rest is up to Indian Private Sector.