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Open Magazine Takes Action Against Employees Named In Cobrapost Sting

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Open Magazine is committed to the highest standards of ethical journalism, said the Editor

Cobrapost, which recently revealed names of 27 media organizations in its sting operation, had also named two employees of Open Magazine discussing possibility of paid news. However, the magazine has denied this involvement. In a press statement, S Prasannarajan, Editor, Open Magazine said, “A sting operation by Cobrapost featured two employees of our business team. Whatever they discussed with the Cobrapost reporter was without the knowledge or the consent of the editor.” He also added that Open Magazine was committed to the highest standards of ethical journalism.

“As a media organisation, we have a clear division between the editorial and business departments. The editorial team alone is responsible for the editorial content of the magazine. Open has subsequently terminated the services of Karl Mistry, General Manager (West).

We have also issued a show-cause notice to associate publisher Pankaj Jayaswal prior to further action against him. We assure our readers of continuing with journalism of highest moral, ethical and professional standards”, added Prasannarajan.

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