4TB of storage

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The My Book dual drive has more storage than you could fill up in years on end. Good thing it has a five year warranty
OS Mac and Windows | FireWire 800 Mb/s (max) eSATA 3 Gb/s (max) USB 480 Mb/s (max) | Can hold 1.1 million photos, 300 hours of video, 1 million songs

Western Digital (WD) has launched a dual drive, My Book Studio Edition II, external hard drive. Besides its 4 TB of storage, it is also user serviceable. To change the hard disc, just open the lid, bring out the old hard disc and slide in the new one. It only uses discs that run on WD’s proprietary GreenPower Technology. The big advantage of this device is that it’s very energy efficient and doesn’t even need a cooling fan. It is compatible with Mac and Windows. WD recommends it for professional video and photo editing. You could also use it for plain old backup. It has just launched and is not  being shipped to India. The version available on Amazon is similar in most aspects except that it offers 2 TB of space and costs $294.

What: My Book Studio Edition II
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