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Acer TM 8472

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A very good entry-level business laptop that’s also great for users who don’t want to spend a packet on a black notebook
Intel Core i3 380M processor | 2.54 GHz | 2 GB Ram | 1.3 mp webcam

I must confess, ever since Acer’s Time Line Series came out, its sleek design, clean lines and great-performing heart have made me fall in love with the company once again. Running on the latest Intel Core i3 380 M processor at 2.54 GHz, this machine comes with 2 GB Ram (DDR3), 14 inch high definition LED screen, 8x DVD Super Multi Double Layer Drive, 1.3 megapixel webcam, 3 USB 2.0 ports, magnesium alloy top cover, finger print reader and an anti-shock disk mounting called DASP that protects your hard disk in case you happen to drop the machine.

Windows 7 Professional is the default installation. For me, 2 GB of Ram is not enough, so the first thing I did even with the demo machine was to get 4 GB of Ram—the system can support up to 8 GB.

I was told that the battery is rated 8 hours, but I was able to squeeze in just a little over 5 hours. At this price, however, I feel that 5 hours of battery backup is not bad.

The machine has a built-in card reader (which can also read XD cards), gigabit LAN port, USB port and audio ports. An EasyPort IV is included (for adding more devices to the computer) on the left side of the notebook. On the right side, there is a modem—yes, the RJ11 variety. Though it is not commonly used these days, many secure networks still require synchronisation of data over a telephone line instead of an internet link.

The display screen is HD ready and can support a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The screen looks nice, but Acer could have made it look better. The screen’s brightness is good for an office that is lit normally. And even if it’s a brightly lit office, the slight matte finish on the screen makes it stand out. However, the display does not perform very well under bright sunlight.