Audio Pro Living LV3

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A modular speaker system. Buy as many as you require or as few as you want. But you’ll always get great sound
2.4 GHz | 3-way floor standing tower speaker | leather cover

I love music. But to enjoy it, you need to have good speakers. Then you need to place them at just the right place, and then run long wires to these sound boxes. Fact is, it is not so easy to enjoy music these days.

A few days ago, I saw the Living LV3, a 3-way floor standing tower speaker, wrapped in leather. It incorporates both direct and reflected sounds to enhance your listening pleasure. The system is equipped with advanced acoustics so you can place it anywhere in the room and still get great sound. And the speakers are wireless, so they can literally go where no other speaker has gone before. All you need to do is find a power socket.

The speakers have a switch on the rear, which lets you choose one of three modes: mono, left or right. If you buy only one speaker, you can set it up as mono. You can choose which one will be the left and right speaker, if you are buying two. And if you are buying more, you can spread them across the house/room and organise them into ‘zones’. This way, the same music can play in the entire house but at different volume levels. Its functions are controlled by a simple ‘remote commander’.

Each tower has three 1 inch silk dome tweeters, three mid-range drivers (1 inch, 4 inch and 0.5 inch), and three down-firing woofers (1 inch, 6 inch and 0.5 inch). Each tower has a built-in 100 watt amp, and two 35 watt Class D amps.

You can send music to the speakers from any source. All you need is a wireless dongle from Audio Pro— connect it to the USB port in your Windows PC or Mac and you can stream music from any source to the speakers. You can also plug the dongle into your music system or TV to get more options.

Its biggest downside is that the receivers/speakers/transmitters use the 2.4 GHz frequency band, the same as your home Wi-Fi. So, you have to ensure that neither you nor anyone else in the neighbourhood is using Wi-Fi channels 1, 6 and 11 on routers. However, Audio Pro engineers say that they have foreseen the problem and tackled it as well.