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If you own 3D films and are okay with 3D glasses, you should go for this projector.
3D projector | background wall adjustment feature | contrast ratio - 3500:1

A short throw projector that is 3D ready… Yes, I know that there is a big debate on whether 3D will ever be a reality. But if you have 3D movies or any other content, and are willing to buy 3D glasses, this projector is for you. The DLP-based projector from BenQ, model No MP 776ST, looks amazing and works seamlessly while delivering sharp, precise imaging and a brilliant video and audio experience.

I got the 776ST for testing for a couple of days from BenQ, and was left speechless when I saw the picture quality. Its biggest advantage for me is the short throw feature, which means that you can have the projector as little as a metre away from the screen and still get an 81 inch image. The projector comes with a background wall colour adjustment feature, which lets you adjust the image to the colour of the wall. Obviously, this feature won’t help if you try it on a wall with visible patterns. The projector can be tilted up or down 30º using the adjustment feet. 

The DLP technology ensures that picture quality of this gadget remains the same over the age of the projector, and a high contrast ratio of 3500:1 ensures that images are vivid. 

The project supports XGA native resolution (1,024 x 768 p), which I think is too meagre for this price. But it does have a full 16.7 million colour palette, an HDMI input, 2 VGA inputs, and S Video and component inputs. The built-in 5 watt speakers give you enough clarity for office or home use. But I suggest that you buy this projector only if you have a home theatre stereo system. 

The projector comes with a remote control, but sadly there’s no laser pointer in the remote.