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BeoSound 8

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A music dock that can hook up the iPod, iPhone as well as the iPad rather nicely

Here is a dock from Bang & Olufsen that goes beyond a regular iPod dock. It is built to accommodate all iPods, iPhones and even the iPad. So, if you are an Apple fan, you might as well get this dock rather than a separate one for all three. The dock is called BeoSound 8 and it integrates well with Apple gadgets not just technically, but also aesthetically. Plus, it is large yet portable enough to be used easily in a room filled with guests. Also in a car.

Its speakers are conical in shape and are created to be unobtrusive by way of design. The conical shape also eliminates standing waves (distortions that occur when sound waves resonate or negate each other) by avoiding parallel surfaces. The BeoSound 8 can also be hung on a wall or placed on a side table. Its small little legs give an impression that the speakers are floating in air.

When you pay a premium price for something like a sound dock, you obviously are an audiophile—at the very least, you would like to be seen as one. And every audiophile knows that the position of a speaker in a room can significantly alter the quality of sound—even from a very high quality speaker. To add to the premium sound experience then, B&O has included in this dock its Room Adaptation Switch. The output of the speakers can be adjusted for a variety of placements, such as: against a wall, in a corner or free standing.he BeoSound 8 is so versatile that you can use it anywhere, and to ensure that it looks good everywhere, it is available in many colour options. You can choose between black or white aluminium detailing, and go for six different colours of fabric speaker covers: lavender blue, purple, green, yellow and the obvious black and white.

To control the dock, you can use the B&O Intelligent System Remote if you don’t want to walk to the dock. And, if you prefer the B&O interface to the one on your iPod or iPad, you can go to the App Store and download the BeoPlayer app.