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Bose CineMate 1 SR

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A wireless sound bar that is smarter than the TV set it has to serve

My wife hates cables—and I have lots of them. They are there in the bedroom too, connecting a TV set to various devices. In addition to these, because of the way I am, the room also has a couple of ethernets.

Getting rid of some of those wires was a bit of a priority for me. I needed a sound bar. But most of the sound bars available in the market, let’s just say, were not up to scratch. Yes, I could have gone for Bose’s Video Wave, but that TV costs a bomb. So I waited, and now Bose has the perfect solution for me—and you too.
The Bose CineMate 1 SR offers room-filling sound without filling up the room. It can be wall-mounted, or put flat on a table. The accompanying bass speaker, called Accoustimass, needs only a power cord to link up with the CineMate. It helps if the Accoustimass is mounted or placed on the same wall as the sound bar.
Setting up the system is easy, using its ADAPTiQ audio calibration facility. In fact, it is so easy to use that you can—and should—recalibrate the system every time you alter the arrangement of furniture in the room, or even change the drapes.

The 1 SR has 5 speakers and 2 PhaseGuide radiators. The radiators help direct sound ‘beams’ to the walls. When a beam bounces off the wall, it sounds as if the wall is one big speaker.

The 1 SR has a Smart Source Input Selection system. It continuously monitors the system’s auxiliary audio inputs and automatically switches to what you are watching on your TV. So, if you click the TV remote to watch a DVD movie instead of the 9 o’clock news, the CineMate will sense that automatically and take its audio feed from the disc.

Words cannot explain what this little speaker can do. It will change your experience of movies at home.