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Bose Video Wave 2

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It’s bigger than the first Wave and better because, in the tech world, newer is better

Bose released its first TV two years ago, and now seemed like the right time for launching Wave 2. It has a 140 cm high-definition screen that is LED backlit. With 18 built-in speakers, this TV is an accomplished audio system in itself. Without the aid of any additional speakers, it accurately reproduces the highs and lows, which is what we expect of Bose.

And it looks good too. The TV is thin and has a sleek frame. All you have to do is plug it into the power supply. With a single cable from its console, you can connect up to six devices: Apple TV, Blu-ray player, cable or satellite set-top box, gaming console and an iPhone/iPod too. Sadly, the console has not been upgraded. This means that it comes with the legacy 30-pin Apple connector. In case you have the new iPod Touch or iPhone 5, you will need to use a convertor. It also means that you can’t connect the console to the internet, and will have to depend on your Apple TV to do the streaming.

But you don’t buy a Bose for its video streaming prowess. You buy it for cutting-edge audio technology. The TV is fitted with a sound bar that comprises six mid-range and high-range speakers, and a centre speaker too—all inside the TV. It also has six woofers to produce deep lows. Even the surround sound effect is created by the speakers within the TV.

It ships with a beautiful click pad remote, which came with the first Video Wave too. I am surprised that till now no other TV company offers anything even close to it. This pad lets you control your TV, and all its connected peripherals, without taking your eyes away from the screen. The remote uses RF technology so you don’t bother about pointing it towards any device in particular. You can also turn off the screen and use the Wave as a sound system.