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Its 360° technology means that this novel spherical camera has no blind spot
We all love taking pictures and our cellphones are making things easier, but they can only capture what you are looking at, and fall short of framing the overall environment you are in.

Enter the Bublcam, which can shoot a 360° picture or video with a single click. There is no blind spot for this spherical camera.

The Bublcam uses four 1.6 megapixel cameras with a 190° field of view. The software inside the Bublcam stitches the images and videos together, giving you in the end a 14 megapixel 360° image.

There is a provision for a tripod mount, but even if you place the Bublcam on your palm, you can shoot without fear of blurred images; it has a tri-axial accelerometer that stabilises images. So whether it is a video of your friends and you having a great time on the beach or a walk through a town, the Bublcam’s 360° technology will let your other friends and family get an immersive experience as if they were there.

The Bublcam weighs just 280 gm, but its solid aluminium die-cast construction is robust. It can shoot videos in 720p at 30 frames per second or full high definition 1080p at 15 frames per second. The videos are in MP4 format and can be played on smart TVs as well as tablets. Bublcam also comes with an app for your iPad and will eventually have apps for most platforms to zoom, pan, tilt and turn around within the images.

A microSD card slot allows you to use a 32 gigabyte card to record images and videos, and you can also store them directly on a cloud as long as your bublcam is connected to the internet via its WiFi. The images come in a dimension of 3,840 x 3,840 pixels as a 14 megapixel JPEG, while the video takes about 1 megabyte of storage per second. So shoot family moments and travel outings, monitor your babies, or catch action sports, and relive the moments. The only thing is, you need to order now and wait for winter to set in before you get your Bublcam.