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Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100

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It uses GPS to display accurate time anywhere in the world
In 2011, Citizen launched Eco- Drive Satellite Wave, the world’s first watch capable of staying in sync with satellites to display accurate time anywhere in the world. Two years later, Eco-Drive Satellite Wave- Air debuted with a full-metal case and the world’s fastest signal reception, thanks to radically improved antennae sensitivity.

This year, Citizen has launched the next-generation of this satellite-synchronised technology. Thinner and lighter, the latest avatar, Eco-Drive Satellite Wave F100, works in 40 time zones and retains its spurs for the world’s fastest signal reception.

Speed is the pre-eminent feature of this new timepiece. The watch not only catches signals from way above the earth’s surface in less than three seconds no matter where it is worn, its satellite-inspired case and band design evoke a sense of pace.

To make this world’s thinnest light-powered satellite-synchronised watch of 12.4 mm, Citizen uses proprietary lightweight titanium, which also ensures that it feels light and comfortable on one’s wrist.

To complement the overall look, the company has crafted titanium— often touted as the ‘metal of the future—into a strikingly streamlined case and band with a metallic lustre and mirror-finish texture that suggests aerospace-era sophistication. Its dial design is inspired by solar panels used to power orbiting satellites; its hollowed push buttons simulate the fuselage of navigational satellites.

What’s more, this watch also features the world’s first 6 Light-Level Indicator. By showing the amount of electricity generated by light reflecting on the dial on a scale that has seven gradations, the wearer can gauge its charge level in any given situation.

The accuracy of the time displayed has been vastly improved as well— from ÷15 seconds per month to ÷ 5 seconds per month. It’s precision wristwear at its best.