dCS Rossini Player

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A digital playback system that delivers superb music from multiple sources
The Rossini Player from dCS features an array of digital audio inputs and can stream music from your network-linked storage at home or stream it from TIDAL, Spotify or Deezer over an Ethernet. You can also stream music from your Apple devices via Airplay; and those who still carry music on USB pen drives don’t have to worry.

The Rossini Player also features AES, BNC and S/PDIF digital inputs, and comes built in with a high- quality compact disc mechanism for old-fashioned silver disc playback.

Multi-stage power regulation, its twin mains transformers that isolate the analogue and digital circuitry, as well as its highly effective dCS auto- clocking system that minimises jitter ensure high quality sound output.

Rossini also features an enhanced digital volume control for use as a pre-amplifier with variable output straight into a power amplifier or as a fixed-level source component.

The player’s elegant chassis is made of aerospace-grade machined aluminium with internal acoustic damping panels to reduce sound-degrading mechanical vibration and magnetic effects.

The dCS also has a simple remote application that you can run on your tablet to control the system and its myriad connected devices. You can also make sure your Rossini runs the latest software firmware thanks to its upgradation capability by virtue of a simple download or via a USB or CD drive. This way, you may add features and improve its performance over its lifetime of ownership.

A brand new user interface makes the Rossini a pleasure to use. DSD support on the CD mechanism is a great thing, but its lack of support for SACD is a disappointment. This playback system is also available just as a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) in case you do not need a CD-playing mechanism at all.