Devialet 240

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A gorgeous high-end audio system with revolutionary amplification technology
They say music is devotion in itself, and when you listen to it over an audio system, you want to experience it as if the artiste were in a live performance right there. You want to feel each beat, hear each note, every high and every low, and want those instruments crisp and clear.

The team at Devialet has been known to create some of the world’s best sound experience technologies, using superb digital audio convertors to eliminate both harmonic and thermal distortions. Now, the Devialet 240 amplifier takes audio amplification to the next level.

The first thing you notice is the 240’s aesthetic appeal. Its exclusive chrome-plated aluminium chassis, entirely hand-polished, is designed to go with any kind of ambience. Each of its components is machined out of a single block of aluminium and has an unusually slim design; you can easily place the unit on a shelf or mount it on a wall. With only one button on it, a colour screen and snug remote, the 240 is designed to make you crave its ownership.

In stereo mode, the Devialet 240 pumps out 240 watts per channel, and if you want more of it, you can pair it with another 240 in a dual- monoblock configuration to generate 500 watts of pure powerful music. And if even that does not quite satisfy you, you can daisy-chain up to eight of these beautiful units for active multi-amplification.

The 240 has several input options: network input for Wifi or Ethernet for digital audio streaming, four digital coaxial inputs, a synchronous USB input to connect to a Mac or PC, two analog inputs (line level or advanced phono MM / MC), a digital AES/EBU input and two optical inputs. In short, this device can amplify just about anything you’d have yourself or your neighbourhood listen to.

The 240’s remote control uses long range radio frequency, and hence you don’t need to be in its line of sight. The unit is also controllable by smartphone apps (iOS and Android) that can be obtained from Devialet.

Available at high-end audio stores across the globe, Devialet 240 comes with a five-year global warranty. Pair this revolutionary audio system with those beautiful Sonus Faber speakers, put on that lovely recording of Pavarotti, and enjoy pure audio bliss. Undoubtedly a cut above top-end amplifiers, this one is for discerning audiophiles.