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Epson EH-TW8100

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This projector will not give you skewed images even if it is not placed bang in front of the screen

One of the biggest challenges while installing a projector at home is finding place for it in the room. Sometimes, you just can’t keep it in the centre of the room, and that results in skewed pictures on the screen. The other option is to settle for a smaller picture, but you obviously did not buy a projector to watch TV-screen sized images. Epson handles this issue with what it calls Lens Shift technology, giving you two additional control dials on top of the projector, to shift the centre of the picture both vertically and horizontally till it appears large and bang in the centre of the screen.

It also offers 2D to 3D conversion, which you can enjoy with active shutter 3D glasses. To connect to media sources, it has two HDMI ports, a component input, VGA input and RCA. What is missing is a USB port, which should have been there as a lot of people store their content on USB drives these days. The projector’s menu is simple and straightforward even for new users to understand. The buttons on the remote control are large and clearly laid out.

The projector can display images ranging from 75 cm to 7.5 metres across. However, I found that the image size needs to be at least 1.5 metres for good 3D display. The projector has manual focus only, like most projectors these days, and its lens has a shutter that closes automatically in power off mode to protect the lens from dust.

There are no built-in speakers in the projector. This may not bother most people who can afford a projector this expensive, because they will use it only with a high-end home theatre. But a speaker is a good option to have, especially in test environments or when you just want to watch a small video without having to walk around the room to turn on your mini cinema hall.

The other issue is its noise level, which is 32 dB. This is barely audible during the day. But if you are watching a late-night show, then the noise sounds more like a roar.

Regardless, it is a good projector. The picture quality is nice, really nice, even when the image is projected on a wall.