Rs 76,999

Fujifilm X-E2

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Fuji’s fastest autofocus camera in a slim body delivers some great images
16.3 mp | APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor | electronic viewfinder | 2.36 million dots OLED screen
A 16.3 megapixel camera with its body alone costing Rs 76,999 makes one hesitate, especially when an entry-level digital SLR is available for roughly Rs 35,000. But if you are particular about high picture quality and a camera that is quick on its heels, then the brand new X-E2 demands a serious look.

A new avatar nearly a year after the X-E1 came out, the X-E2 delivers stunning pictures with its brand new APS-C X-Trans CMOS sensor and a whole lot of other improvements.

I spent a couple of weeks with the X-E2 shooting under various lighting conditions, outdoors and indoors, and the results were great all across. The first thing you notice about the X-E2 is its similarity even as you see subtle differences in the layout of the buttons from the X-E1, confirming that Fuji really listens to customer feedback. The exposure compensation has gone up to ÷3 EV, with steps of 1/3. Also, the screen is of much higher resolution, much sharper, and is slightly bigger than X--E1’s, at 3 inches.

The X-E2 has more film simulation modes, including ASTIA for a faithful smooth tone reproduction. The Creative Black and White mode captures some great details, and if you want you can also capture images in RAW format. The X-E2 can shoot videos at 30 frames per second in full HD resolution, and capturing panoramic shot with the X-E2 is as easy as it is with an iPhone.

The X-E2, like the X-E1, has an electronic viewfinder, but its 2.36 million dots OLED screen electronic viewfinder gives you a view similar to that of an optical viewfinder. The camera’s battery lasts all day and manages to squeeze in more than 300 shots in a single charge.

The X-E2 is another great camera from Fuji, though if you already have an X-E1, there may not be enough reasons to upgrade.