3 years

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Garmin nüvi 2568 LM

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Its new guidance-user interface helps one search for destinations at ease
photoReal Junction View | Lane Assist | Advanced Highway Mode

Over the years Garmin has managed to stay ahead with some great maps, a brilliant interface and products that get better with every year. Of the models that were announced in 2013, the 2568 nüvi is available in India.

In a day and age that navigation is part and parcel of your smartphone, why should one buy a portable navigation device? Well, after you use the 2568’s interface, you wouldn’t want to go back to a smartphone.

A brilliant matte finished screen makes the device perfectly readable in the dark as well as in bright sunshine. And its predictive text search works so quick that you wish your smartphone had it.

With the 2568, Garmin has also managed to pull off a few more tricks; a tie-up with Zomato allows users to search for restaurants, not only by name but by cuisine too. So if you want vada sambar in Chandigarh, or are in the mood for tandoori chicken while travelling down Bangalore to Coorg, the nüvi will help you find it in just a jiffy.

The Voice Guidance has also been adapted to Indian accents: the road names are pronounced pretty correctly, though it does make a few errors. Overall, it has improved over the years. The software has had upgrades that make search easier, keeps a record of searches, and creates a shortcut list so that you can search faster. With the growing problem of parking space, the nüvi also helps you find nearby parking spots.

An interesting feature of the nüvi 2568 is the photoReal Junction View, where you see actual picture of junctions that makes identification easier.

Features such as Lane Assist, which guides you to the proper lane for navigation; Advanced Highway Mode that tells you of exits on the highway; and a new House Search algorithm, plus two Bookmarks and Go to Office/Go Home options, all make up the great package that the nüvi presents. And it supports nine Indian languages too.