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GoFlex: Change the Way You Store Data

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If you want to future-proof your data storage, this is the way forward.
320 GB - 1 TB | plugable into multiple docks | both Mac and Windows friendly

External hard discs, at their current low prices, are all around us today. But they have their own sets of problems, which you will face especially while changing to a new PC, moving from a USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 port or a FireWire 800 port, or moving from a Windows to an Apple machine. The problem with older hard discs was that they came with only one type of connector. You could solve the problem with multiple connectors or different discs for different connectors. The only problem was , you were either left with multiple discs with the same data for different applications, or were managing a bunch of cables on your desk. The GoFlex system changes all that.

One hard disc can now plug into multiple docks; it can even connect to a TV so you can watch its content on an HDTV, and you can buy a network dock to do away with the USB cable and plug the hard disc in your network. It can then be accessed from anywhere in the Lan or even over the internet. If you have a Mac and a Windows machine, GoFlex will let you read and write from both.

GoFlex is a future-proof hard disc solution. It starts at Rs 5,200 for 320 GB and goes to about Rs 13,900 for 1 TB. The base model comes with USB 2.0, but if you want to move up to USB 3.0, it’s only Rs 3,000 more (USB 3.0 is 10 times faster than USB 2.0, but your system must support it). If your system does not have a USB 3.0 port, you can buy a USB 3.0 card and a cable set for Rs 6,000. Some of the other accessories to go with this disc are: net media sharing device priced at Rs 7,000 and HD media player priced at Rs 12,000.