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HP’s All-in-One

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If you want a sleek machine without a wire jungle, then this is a great buy
AMD Athlon dual core processor | Windows 7 | slim tray DVD writer | 6 USB ports

All-in-one PCs like the Apple iMac are not only space saving but look pret­ty cool too, and some companies have come out with models that have an Atom-based CPU built into the screen, to ply the budget-conscious market. This week HP too announced its MS200. It runs an AMD Athlon dual core processor and Windows 7. The built-in wireless adapter means that all you need to provide this PC is a power cable. The PC has a built-in slim tray DVD writer and six-in-one memory card reader as standard accessories. There are six USB ports, and even after a key­board and mouse, plenty more are available as peripherals. The usual headphone jack, mic input and Ethernet port are also there.

The machine is great for home use. There are two memory slots but both come filled from the company. So, upgrades are a little bit of a pain. As more and more companies come out with all-in-ones, we just have to wait and see how this market evolves.

Something I am still unable to figure out is why HP wants to give a brick-sized power adapter with these machines instead of build­ing a power supply inside them. But then, that’s a question only HP can answer.