Upto $1,000

Hybrid Bicycle

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Powered by electricity and muscle power, these bicycles could either make you lazy or turn you into a biking enthusiast

These bikes have been around for a while now, but without arousing significant amounts of curiosity. Their high cost is obviously a deterring factor, but they could eventually become as ubiquitous as bikes with gears. The technology always existed. All you needed was a DC battery cranking up an electric motor. But it took this long anyhow. In the simplest options, a lead-acid battery is slung along the frame of the bike. It powers the electric motor and takes 7-8 hours to recharge. In more sophisticated models, the entire assembly unit—battery, motor and charger—fits into a disc that is attached to the wheel (or wheels). It has a lithium-ion battery and can also be recharged partially while you pedal hard. Plug-in recharge takes 3-4 hours. The accelerator is at the handle, like that of a mobike.