iRobot Roomba 980

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Just switch it on and it will vacuum clean your floors even when you’re not home

Just switch it on and it will vacuum clean your floors even when you’re not home

The Roomba 980 from iRobot lets you stay ahead of the daily mess. Designed quite like its previous avatars, it uses intelligence gathered from 14 million other cleaners that iRobot has sold, has wireless connectivity built in and also comes with its own app. Put it on its charging base in a corner of your house and let it work out how to keep it clean.

On a full charge, the Roomba 980 can vacuum clean your home for a two-hour stretch, and when its battery needs recharging it comes back to the base automatically to re- pep itself, only to go back and restart the job from where it left off.

Using a proprietary visual simultaneous localisation and mapping technology, the Roomba 980 makes a map of your house, remembering where it is, where it has been and where it has to go. This lets it get under those sofas, beds and other areas that you or your domestic help would always miss, thanks to its low-profile design.

A spinning side brush gently cleans wall edges and corners, unlike many other home cleaning robots that miss this. It also features a detector that automatically increases cleaning power for rugs and carpets, making over 10 times the usual effort, thanks to its 3-stage cleaning system that uses an agitator, brushes and suction force to give you a super clean home.

Bundled with the 980 is the iRobot home app that allows you to start, schedule or monitor your Roomba from anywhere. So if you want your home cleaned after you and your spouse have left for work and the children are in school, or want a clean-up job done just before you get home, you can programme your Roomba accordingly.

In case you live in a multi-level home or have multiple floors, you will need an extra Roomba 980 for each floor, as this one is designed to clean just a single level. However, it does not mind going surface to surface from hardwood flooring to carpeted areas to marble, collecting dust, dirt and hair, keeping your home as clean as can be.