KitchenAid Pro Line Espresso Maker

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A versatile home coffee machine with commercial features
Getting the right flavour and aroma for a cup of coffee is not only an art that one needs to perfect, but requires the perfect apparatus too. KitchenAid has a solution for you in its Pro Line series of espresso makers.

KitchenAid is known for its beautiful appliances and its Pro Line espresso maker is no different. But this coffee maker has a lot more than its looks: it provides precise temperature control to let you extract some robust, full flavoured espresso with a rich cream that will satisfy both espresso purists and latte drinkers.

The process is simple: fill water in its reservoir, plug in the machine and switch it on. Ground your beans and put them into the filter; choose the one that is perfect for your cup, 1 ounce or 2, tamp it down and plug the portafilter into the machine. Wait till the water reaches the right temperature (about 6 minutes) and press the espresso button for a great cup of coffee. You will need a bit of practice to get the taste you prefer, though. You can brew a single cup or two cups at once.

If you love your coffee with milk, fill the frothing pitcher with cold milk and adjust the frothing arm to point to the pitcher, turn the steam dial and froth the milk. With dual independent boilers, you are assured that your coffee is extracted at the right temperature and you have milk frothing away exactly the way you like it. So whether you want a simple espresso or a latte, this machine is ready to deliver.

This versatile machine also has a hot water dispenser that allows you to make your own cup of tea, an Americano or even a hot cocoa.

KitchenAid has paid close attention to detail—from the cup rail at the top of the espresso maker that keeps your cup warm, to the drip plate inside the drip tray that catches any spilled espresso, to ensuring that the machine is easy to clean.

It comes in onyx black, frosted pearl white, empire red and candy apple red colour options.