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Leaos E-Bike

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A futuristic electric bike that combines style with state-of-the art technology
If you have been considering cycling, but want a bike that a discerning gentleman or lady might ride, the brand new luxury e-Bike from Leaos is a fitting piece of equipment, a dream bike to own.

Designed to be unisex, this handmade e-Bike comes in carbon black and white, with two frame sizes— one for those up to 170 cm tall, and another for those taller than 170 cm. You can choose between a 25 kmph and a 45 kmph version as well.

This Italian bike comes with a 11.6 Ah lithium ion removable battery that can be recharged on and off the bike. And on a single charge, this pedal- assist electric bike can run for up to 2.5 hours. The display on the handle bar shows battery charge levels, and a digital display mounted as a centre console lets you get to other parameters of the bike.

The monocoque body, handlebar and mudguards of this 22 kg bike are made of sturdy carbon fibre that looks very elegant. Though there are no visible suspension systems, the bicycle rides smoothly over all bumps and pits on the road, thanks to its carbon fibre forks and special balloon tires.

The bike uses an MPF 36-volt mid- motor with 10 levels of pedal assist which deliver up to 50 Nm of torque, as well as a NuVinci Harmony automatic shift system and advanced controller for smooth riding through the streets. And just in case of emergency, the hydraulic disc brakes will ensure you don’t hit someone.

There is a lighting system built into the front handlebar to light up the road ahead, and brake/safety lights are built into the stem tube. You can also have a smartphone holder, a GPS tracker, and a carbon rack installed on the bike. The only maintenance Leaos says is necessary is to oil the chain every two to three months.