Rs 579,900

LG 4K Ultra HD OLED TV 65”

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For those who’ll pay big money for lifelike viewing, a top-class TV set
This 65-Inch 4K TV set may be the one you have been waiting for for a long time. With its unique sense of realism, a proprietary WRGB technology that outputs great colours, perfect black and infinite contrast, this television set delivers amazing picture quality, thanks to its 33 million colour sub-pixels.

Whether it is game play or a fast action movie, its maximum response time of 0.001 minutes means that the television panel is approximately 1,000 times faster than a regular LCD flat panel TV, resulting in blur-free viewing. And in case 3D is what you love, this TV can also do 3D with 4K picture quality.

Designed with a slim form factor and a minimalist approach, this perfectly curved 65-inch TV sits on a transparent stand, cutting out visual clutter and giving you an illusion that the set is floating in the air.

To ensure that you get great sound to complement those vivid visuals, LG has a Harman Kardon speaker setup that is balanced and enhanced with LG’s ultra surround system to deliver a powerful yet refined audio experience.

The TV runs on LG’s WebOS Smart TV platform, giving you an easier and a more intuitive experience in using the TV. Its launcher menu and home button option lets you easily switch from live TV to its smart applications. Though the TV comes preloaded with Netflix, you will need to use a VPN service for it. The TV comes with a Magic remote that also acts as a universal remote, and features voice recognition—though ordering the TV to lower the volume or go mute can be a bit awkward.

Other features include Intel’s Wireless Display (WiDi) capability, built-in WiFi, Miracast capability, MHL compatibility, three USB ports and four HDMI ports. You can also use an additional camera for video calls, and in case you are in an area where broadband providers are hard to come by, this set can be hooked up to a 3G/4G dongle to enjoy all those online features.

Overall, this LG TV delivers great performance, albeit at a high price.