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This set’s inwardly curved screen offers a unique immersive viewing experience
55 in | 4-colour pixel format | OLED

So what’s with LG’s Curved TV set? We had all those big TV sets with screens curved outward, then we yearned for flat TVs, and now we have a set that curves inward. Though just 55 inches in size, the LG Curved features some cool technology that gives viewers a unique immersive experience— you are surrounded by the image on screen, and its 4-colour pixel format reproduces colours very close to those found in nature.

Besides the three primary colours— red, green and blue—LG has added white as a fourth pixel. The pixels are independently lit, allowing finer control of their luminance and offering life-like picture clarity while getting a contrast ratio that is currently beyond conventional measures. It can go from blazing white to the darkest black with a greater sense of realism, and all this so quickly that fast action scenes have a beautiful smooth motion to it.

To ensure high-quality sound, LG has incorporated a two-channel speaker system, but this time round uses ceramic film speakers that allow it to make a thinner TV without compromising sound quality. The ceramic film speakers can reproduce both the highs and lows of music crisply, but if you want to boost it, my recommendation is to add an LG Sound Plate at Rs 39,990.

And to my delight, LG seems to have taken a cue from Apple TV’s remote, with a simple remote handset that uses gestures and pointing, and has universal control too.

Overall, a great TV set with an unconventional screen—and an eye- popping price tag to go with it.