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LG Optimus 2X

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Clearly, one of the best Android phones going in India
8 mp camera | Android OS 2.2 | Dual Core processor

With a dual core processor, a Tegra 2 graphic processor and Android OS 2.2, this seems to be a phone that will give other Androids a run for their money.

First Impressions: the 4 inch screen looks great, and its 480x800 resolution makes browsing the internet cool. A very minimal but attractive design—just a volume button on the right, a power button on top, next to a 3.5 mm jack, and a USB port down below under the speakers/microphone section.

I personally like the fact that LG has moved the micro USB port to the bottom of the phone. It enables easier handling of the phone while it is being charged. The speaker on the phone performs well, but I still prefer plugging in a headphone while playing games or listening to music.

With phone cameras being used more as point-and-shoot devices to upload and share pictures on social media platforms, I find ‘megapixels’ just a sales gimmick. But the 8 megapixel camera on the Optimus 2x works very well, and the built-in LED flash is so strong that if you don’t use it correctly, you end up getting a white light-flushed picture. The camera is also capable of 1080 full HD video at 24 frames per second, and the videos do turn out nicely.

An HDMI cable enables you to output your content on a TV set. I am very happy with LG’s idea of putting the HDMI on top and the USB port at the bottom, thus making this one of my favourite phone designs. The HDMI performance is great, thanks to the Tegra2 chipset, and with the mirror display capability, you can use your phone as a gaming machine and hook it up with your TV to enjoy games—also videos, in case you want to do that.

A brilliant design, good camera, good performance and great price make this one of the best Android phones available in India.