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LG Optimus P920

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The world’s first 3D phone is also one of the fastest Android phones around
3D phone | with Nintendo Slider | 4.3 inch touchscreen

The world’s first 3D phone is also one of the fastest Android phones around

It is being called the world’s first 3D phone. And no, you don’t have to wear 3D glasses to use it, a la the Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming console. Unlike the 3DS, this is primarily a phone and lacks certain 3D features: such as the Slider. Nintendo’s Slider customises its 3D effects to your eyes’ dioptre power and also adjusts the 3D depth. It would have been very handy on this phone too.

The 4.3 inch touchscreen can deliver 3D and 2D content in 720p. It is great to play games and use Twitter, Facebook, Wi-Fi and 3G apps. While its battery can turn against you if you use too many apps, it may be a little too heavy to handle for very long.

There is a 3D camera on the rear (with two lenses), which delivers nice and clean 3D images and videos. It can also shoot videos and pictures in 2D. Content in 3D is still a scarce commodity, even on YouTube’s dedicated 3D channel, so the camera is vital for your 3D experience. You also have the option of playing five 3D games. The gaming experience is good, but what I hate it that these 3D games can’t be played in 2D.

While the phone performs well, its finish leaves a lot to be desired. The covers for battery charging and HDMI sockets seem very flimsy to me. I would have preferred the volume controls, power button and screen lock to stand out a little. These buttons are a little difficult to use here, as they have almost merged into the phone.

An interesting feature is its Remote Call. It lets an LG call centre executive connect to your phone remotely and diagnose or upgrade the phone without the need of driving to a service centre. The facility ensures that your personal data such as email and SMSes cannot be read during a Remote Call session.

The ‘fourth dimension’ of this 3D phone is its user interface. It is faster and more responsive than most Android phones I have tested.