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Logitech UE Boombox

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This music machine is for those who dig deep bass and retro looks
Eight custom tuned drivers | Bluetooth enabled | Can be paired with iPod, iPhone, MP3 player

Though available since December 2012 in other parts of the world, Logitech’s Ultimate Ears Boombox has finally made its way to India, and its sound quality is simply amazing. You can look retro without the worry of tapes and CDs, as this one can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled device, and in case you want to plug in a non Bluetooth device, you can do that too.

The boombox has eight custom tuned drivers—4 active speakers, and 4 cones that work as radiators—that deliver pristine music whether inside a room or out in the open. With its metal finish and retro getup, it looks great in any setting. The only plastic you see is the blue side panels, and sadly there are no other colour options here. One side has big volume control buttons, and the other sports a power button, Bluetooth connectivity button, an Aux 3.5 mm audio port and a charging port.

The Bluetooth connection is easy; press the button on the side, select the boombox on your iPod, iPhone or your MP3 player, and once paired, it is ready to play music. The boombox has a battery that is designed to last up to 6 hours of play. The audio output is rich, filling and surrounding, and there is enough bass to ensure people are up and dancing. The boombox, with its sculpted aluminium handle, is easy to hold and light enough at just about 2 kg to carry on your shoulders.

The Ultimate Ears Boombox can pair with up to eight devices. It can also pair and simultaneously play music from three devices, so if you want to try your hand at mixing, or just want to play tracks one after the other from different phones and MP3 players, you have it all set to roll. Everyone can take turns at belting out the hits, and you wouldn’t have used Bluetooth this way before.

To some, the price may seem out of place, especially because Bose has its Sound Wave Link in this price bracket. But if you care for high bass and retro looks, the Ultimate Ears Boombox is a cooler option, though travelling with it will be a bit cumbersome. It’s just too big.