Net Movies on HDTV

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Here’s a new video interface that allows you to watch the best of the Internet on large screens

Ironically, we access some of the most interesting software over the Internet and watch it through a small-screen computer and not the large-screen HDTV of the house. IPTV looked like it could offer a way out, but all that it offered was the same content available on TV. Now a new wave of gadgets lets you see the best of the Internet on the best screen in your house. Vudu is one of this new breed of gadgets. Some of the services it offers are: access to its growing library of movie titles, Internet radio and on-demand TV shows and movies. You can also go to your Flickr account and see photos on the big TV or browse YouTube as well. The basic box comes for $149 and has a 250 GB hard disc. Among other things, the disc lets you download a full movie and watch it later, without hiccups. Viewers only pay for the movies that they buy or rent online. However, due to contractual agreements with movie studios, the Vudu box and service is currently only available in the US, a Vudu official told Open.