Rs 135,950

Nikon D600

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A full-frame camera that even an amateur can handle—thanks to its auto modes

Full-frame cameras are seen only with professional photographers for two major reasons. Their high price and heavy weight. Also, most of these cameras come with manual modes, which require the user to first learn how to control such variables as shutter speed and aperture size. But Nikon is changing all this.

The D600 is not only light, at 760 gm, but priced right too—compared to other such cameras. And its ‘full auto’ mode includes features like automatic scene recognition. And unlike standard DSLRs, this camera captures everything you see in the viewfinder, including details at the edges and in the corners.

The D600 has a 24 megapixel sensor, an ISO range of 100 to 6,400, exposure compensation of +/– 5 EV, and is powered by its high-speed Expeed 3 processor. With added processing power, this camera offers picture colour control (from standard, neutral and vivid to monochrome and sepia).

It comes with two SD card slots. You can choose to store JPEGs on one and RAW on the other, or you can use the other as spill over: which means that once one card is full, your pictures start saving on the other card.

The camera has a ‘quiet’ mode, in which the usual shutter clap is barely audible. You can also lock the mirror to reduce camera shake while shooting macros and landscapes.

The D600 also has an HDMI connector to record uncompressed HD videos to an external recorder. And though it may not have GPS, it has a USB 2.0 slot to help you connect accessories such as wireless shutters and GPS adapters. n

Lightweight, portable, energy efficient and short throw, Sony’s new home theatre projector can project a 2.5 metre image from just 1.34 metres away. It uses 3 LCD display technology that produces an image of 2,600 lumens at a contrast ratio of 4000:1. I am unhappy that it has WXGA, instead of HD resolution. What I like is that it has built-in speakers and HDMI connectivity. If you have an older home theatre, it’s also got RGB, Composite, S-Video and even an RS-232 connector. A word of advice. If you really want to enjoy your movies with this projector, make sure your room is as dark as possible.