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Philips Air Fryer

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Here’s how you can fry food with 80 per cent less oil. And no spills or fumes either

I loved fried food. However, because of new-age diseases and the missus’ commands, I have grudgingly let go of my fries and samosas. Not that I have not tried alternatives, but oil-less grilling or baking in an oven totally destroys their taste. They come out crispy alright, but the oven dries them on the inside. And tasty or not, a baked samosa is hardly a samosa.

So when I heard that the Air Fryer could fry my samosas with 80 per cent less fat, I just had to try it out. Cooking with it is simple. Just spray or brush 2 to 5 ml of oil on the base tray and fill it with what you want to eat. Next, turn on the machine and wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

Food cooked in this Fryer tastes like its fried counterpart. It also passed my samosa test, making it crisp on the outside and moist and well-cooked on the inside.
Encouraged by this, I went on to cook chicken drumsticks, fish fingers and cottage cheese skewers. They got mixed reactions from friends and family. Many felt that traditionally deep-fried food from the corner shop tastes better. They also felt that the appliance was too expensive. But what everybody agreed on was that it is a healthy option.

The Fryer can cook up to 800 gm in one go. But I kept each batch under 500 gm, because the fried snacks were not crispy enough when I filled the tray to capacity.

What I loved about it is that you don’t need to keep it in the kitchen. Since it cooks food without spills, smoke or fumes, you can use it on the dining table too, as long as there is a 15-amp electric socket nearby.

And regardless of what others said about it, I love the Fryer.