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Philips Cielo

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A perfect blend of tradition and technology, the Cielo is beautiful and futuristic
24 2.4 Watt LEDs | polycarbonate diffuser case | 60 cm diametre

I have had a fancy for LEDs for a very long time; I spent my childhood doing projects that involved LEDs and was happiest when they would glow. I am still in love with them. When I saw the Philips Cielo, I was quite astounded: there was light without a visible source. Some scrutiny made it clear why it won the iF Product Design and Red Dot Design awards: the Cielo is beautiful.

To give the Cielo a transparent or hollow appearance, Philips has very cleverly integrated LEDs in between the decorative outer shade (made of aluminium) and the polycarbonate inner shade lining to create a soft warm light effect. Any which way you look at it, the design is a perfect blend of tradition and technology.

The Cielo, which looks like a traditional pendant light with a metal shade, uses 24 state-of-the-art 2.4 Watt LEDs encased in a polycarbonate diffuser, and is 60 cm in diametre. The LEDs are dimmable, and one can use the unit as an overhead reading lamp, or even over the dining table. Each Cielo produces a total of 2,800 lumens, and the light is rated at 2,700 k lumens: a warm yellow glow. The LEDs have a usable life of 50,000 hours. The Cielo uses adjustable aircraft cables that are strong and durable to suspend it from a roof, and it also has one cable for power supply. This sophisticated lighting arrangement is available in two finishes; a black powder-coated aluminium finish that has a decidedly modern appeal, and a luminous hand-finished gold leaf version that offers a stunning warm appearance and bears the look and feel of a royal possession.

Shelling out almost Rs 48,000 for a light is a tough call, but this is not just a minimalist fixture, it is a futuristic decorative answer to your need of comfortable and consistent illumination at home.

Install a Cielo and ask your visitors. They would be charmed.