3 years

Rs 29,900

Samsung Galaxy Camera

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A point-and-shoot for social media addicts who hate cellphone cameras
Android | 3G | wi-fi | 23 mm wide lens | 16 mp

I have always wanted a point-and-shoot camera with 3G. The Samsung Galaxy Camera is therefore my dream come true. It runs on Android and has Wi-Fi and 3G for connectivity. This means I can not only upload all my images as soon as I shoot them, I can also download apps for it from the Android market.

It is larger than most point-and-shoots, but it also comes with a 23 mm wide lens capable of up to 21x optical zoom. There is a 16 megapixel sensor behind the lens, and you can see the images on its 4.7 inch screen. There is 10 GB of built-in space, plus a microSD slot. For 3G connectivity, you can buy a Sim card from your preferred mobile service provider. 

The camera focuses and zooms nicely and quickly. However, it takes about 10 seconds to start up. Its macro performance is rather good and you can select focus points on its touchscreen. Using these two features, I could control image blur and create pictures that looked like they had been shot by a master.

It performs well in low light. But you should know that there are cameras in this price range that can give you better low-light results. There is also a built-in flash that can be released with a switch on the side.

The camera is bundled with a 50 GB Dropbox account (with a two-year subscription), to which your images are uploaded. If you have a Dropbox, 50 GB can be added on for two years.

It is a good camera. But if you are looking for a quick point-and-shoot, you had better give it a miss.