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Sennheiser IE 60

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It offers no noise cancellation, but this set of headphones has much in its favour

Okay, so you must be wondering what’s wrong with me. Why am I reviewing a set of wired headphones in a day and age that we have so many nice wireless headphones? Well, when I saw the IE 60, it was crying out for a review. Its bass reproduction is excellent and design is simply beautiful. Plus, it fits well and is quite comfortable to wear.

The first thing you notice about it is the 1.2 metre long cord, which I think is an ideal size for MP3 players. The phones come with extra buds in various sizes for a better fit. Also bundled along is a loop carousel, in which you can store the earphones and carry them while travelling. Another nice accessory is a pair of earhooks that let you keep the wires above your earlobes, so you may wear the earphones over your ears.

The acoustics offer a lot of detail even at low volumes, which is how I like my music. The IE 60 is not one of Sennheiser’s top-end models, but it works very well for someone like me who travels a lot and likes to take a good set of headphones along.

The only problem is that this set doesn’t offer noise cancellation. Its earbuds do a good job of blocking out some ambient sounds, but that’s not noise cancellation. Since I don’t listen to music in noisy places, I didn’t find this a bother. But if you do, you had better get a model that knocks out unwanted sound frequencies.