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Sony Walkman NW-ZX100HN

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This music player delivers excellent sound in a small package
Encased in a beautiful metal body, the ZX100HN is a small package even for a Walkman. Its front features a 3-inch QVGA colour LCD screen and a play/pause button in the middle of the D-Pad, with a volume key on its side. Its 3.5 mm jack sits flushed in, and the textured surface at the back assures one a good grip.

Sony has chosen not to put a touch screen on the ZX100HN, which means somewhat longer menus to go through. This model also does not have Android, unlike its big brother ZX2, but runs a captive version of Sony’s software.

With support for FLAC, Apple Lossless, AAC, WMA, HE-ACC, Liner PCM (WAV), AIFF and DSD, this Walkman can play most of the high- resolution file formats that exist. It also offers stunning sound quality for compressed music files such as MP3, thanks to its internal processing engine that complements the treble of compressed sounds much beyond the original values to make them sound high-resolution. The ZX100HN also comes bundled with Sony’s Digital Noise cancellation headphones, so that you can enjoy your music even if it’s a bit noisy around you.

In case you want to use the ZX100HN as a player on the go, you can do so using high-quality Bluetooth wireless audio transmission, thanks to its LDAC enhanced interface on board which allows up to thrice as much transmitted data, thus offering you great sound even when you’re wireless.

Weighing just 145 gm, the ZX100HN easily fits into your pocket or in the palm of your hands. It is designed to run for 45 continual hours while streaming music, and comes with built-in storage of 128 GB. But you will have to wait till October to lay your hands on the ZX100HN—and know what you must pay for it.