Thinner than a Mobile

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At last, Samsung has started the production of edge-lit LED TV which is just 1 cm thin

Samsung has begun mass production of its new HDTV, which is so thin, it can be almost stuck to a wall like a painting. It is just about 1 cm (10.8 mm) thick, or as thick as your smart mobile.

No, this is not an OLED screen, this LCD TV still requires backlighting. The reason it is so thin is that its backlighting is done using LEDs, which are smartly placed along the edges of the TV screen. This will also mean 40 per cent less energy consumption than conventional LCD TVs. The company will reportedly pump in $65 million for promoting these TVs in the US market alone. They are expected to retail at over $3,100 and will be available in 40-inch, 46-inch and 55-inch diagonal size models.

Samsung says it has now resolved technical issues of the edge-lit LED LCD TV, which were: inadequate brightness across the entire screen, and overheating of the outside frames and light-guide plate.