100 Days of Modi

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S Prasannarajan • PR Ramesh • Suhel Seth • Tavleen Singh • Shiv Visvanathan • Ullekh NP • And more
One Hundred Days of Rectitude ~ by S Prasannarajan
Modi’s ‘Broken India’ theme carries the first notation of Conservatism—and a moderniser’s social vision

Right and Radical ~ by PR Ramesh
The understated revolution of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

From Brand Modi to Modism ~ by Suhel Seth
An amazing transition from Candidate to Prime Minister, from Seeker to Giver

Tomorrow is another Big Day ~ by Tavleen Singh
Modi’s first hundred days may not have been bedazzling but his Independence Day speech reveals his passion for change

Tailored, Not Tinkered ~ by Ullekh NP
Narendra Modi didn’t bother to tweak policies to please any bloc. Regional stability and local economic growth topped his agenda

From Chaos to Control ~ by Shiv Visvanathan
From UPA rule to NDA, the transition has been dramatic. But Modi needs to understand the inherent value of dissent