Open Minds 2016: Public Square

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw: Social Capitalist

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Her extraordinary story of an aspiring brewer-turned-pharma queen unravels in an authorised biography

She represents the entrepreneurial energy of the Indian woman out to conquer a new frontier. Her extraordinary story of an aspiring brewer-turned-enzyme producer unravels in an authorised biography, Myth Breaker, published last month. But Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is more than a biotech and pharma queen who routinely makes it to power lists. Besides fostering affordable innovation in healthcare, she has emerged as a prominent civic activist in Bangalore, crusading for a well-managed city and heading the Bangalore Political Action Committee, a citizen’s collective that grooms civic leaders and works towards better governance.

India has all the requisites but lacks the belief and the imagination to become a global powerhouse of innovation. I dream of a better India, which is also a civic-minded India that maximises governance and societal equity

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