One Year Of Modi Special

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S Prasannarajan • PR Ramesh, Ullekh NP • Lance Price • Brahma Chellaney • Shiv Visvanathan • Tunku Varadarajan • Kumar Anshuman

Narendra Modi: The Pursuit of Happiness ~ by S Prasannarajan

Narendra Modi: One man, one year, one hell of an idea ~ PR Ramesh and Ullekh NP
An inside report from Planet Modi

Time to open up, Mr Modi ~ by Lance Price
Any democratically elected leader should make himself available to the media on a regular basis. So should Modi, for his own sake

Narendra Modi: The global pragmatist ~ by Brahma Chellaney
Seven features of Modi’s non-doctrinaire foreign policy that is taking India from non-alignment to multi-alignment

Narendra Modi: The cultural revolutionary ~ by Shiv Visvanathan
The portrait of a leader who has altered the idea of being Indian

Modi Moda ~ by Tunku Varadarajan
Not since Nehru has the country had a male leader who enjoys being the cynosure of all eyes. Anatomy of a fashion statement

Varanasi: A pause in eternity ~ by Kumar Anshuman
A year in the life of Varanasi, the prime ministerial constituency