The Lokpal Debate

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The Anna Hazare Show

~ by Manu Joseph, 09 APR 2011

The comic revolution of an obsolete man

“Put the Lokpal Bill to referendum”

~ by Dhirendra K Jha, 15 APR 2011

Prashant Bhushan, one of the chief architects of the Jan Lokpal Bill, speaks to Open in its defence

Stuck with the Mascot

~ by Manu Joseph, 16 APR 2011

The great liberator, in time, will become the problem

Not Your Textbook Saint

~ by Haima Deshpande, 16 APR 2011

Anna Hazare is a maverick with a past every bit as intriguing as his fast

Spare Us the Gandhian Halo

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 16 APR 2011

In their zest for Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, people forgot to find out what he really stands for

What Lies beyond Anna’s Fast

~ by MG Vaidya, 23 APR 2011

In defence of the man of penance

The Anti-Hazare Hazards

~ by Nitin Pai, 23 APR 2011

Not participating in popular movements could mean being denounced as the worst of the worst

Fast Forward to Farce

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 07 MAY 2011

Keep the candles ready for yet another satyagraha, this time by Baba Ramdev

Why Politics Matters

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 13 MAY 2011

Ideas do not count for much. You might hate this but you better lump it. For it really is the will of the people. Of those who count, not the ones we hear in TV studios.

Now, the Baba Ramdev Show

~ by Manu Joseph, 04 JUN 2011

The anti-corruption movement enters the aerobic phase

This Rage will Change Our Politics

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 11 JUN 2011

Hazare and Ramdev are comic sideshows. The real target is the pervasive greed this Congress regime is happy to condone

What Gandhi would tell our serial fasters

~ by Srinath Perur, 19 JUN 2011

Chances are he might have gone on a long unconditional fast himself to convince them that their ways weren’t kosher

Lokpal Lessons

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 09 JUL 2011

Why we need a framework for public consultation in the legislative process

The Beginning of the End

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 20 AUG 2011

At every step, senior Congress leaders have been outmanoeuvred by Anna’s aides

Everybody Loves a Good Protest

~ by Jay Mazoomdaar, 27 AUG 2011

Dissent is a casualty at the Anna show where his rainbow coalition of supporters eats, drinks and makes protest before the camera

Anna Gana Mana

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 27 AUG 2011

By misdirecting public anger against corruption, Anna’s aides are advocating contempt for the Constitution

The Story of Their Experiments with Gandhi

~ by Jatin Gandhi, Rahul Pandita

How a team of strategists has been dipping into the past and playing the media to project Anna Hazare as the new Mahatma


~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 12 OCT 2011

There is no better word for the claim that Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement is ‘apolitical’

Why the Sangh Loves Anna

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 22 OCT 2011

He endorses the RSS worldview while appealing to people who lie outside its fold

Meet Anna’s Blog Writer

~ by Haima Deshpande, 12 NOV 2011

What Anna Hazare uttered, Raju Parulekar wrote. So when Anna accused him of misusing the blog, he was stunned. Now, he speaks to Open

Anatomy of an Imperfect Law

~ by Hartosh Singh Bal, 17 DEC 2011

The Team Anna-Government confrontation is set to continue beyond this Bill. Meanwhile, they both need to acknowledge the blame they deserve for its drawbacks

The Lokpal and You

~ by Mihir Srivastava, 17 DEC 2011

A look at how differing proposals to fight corruption will actually work for the harried citizen

We, the Fools

~ by Jatin Gandhi, 16 JAN 2012

The Lokpal has been left in the lurch. Who is to blame? Just about everybody who claimed to be in the Bill’s favour