Questions for the Average Woman

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Panchkunwar Kairvat tells us more about her life and views

Panchkunwar Kairvat tells us more about her life and views

Q How do you think you look?

A I don’t feel beautiful right now as I have become darker over time. I used to be much fairer

Q Do you vote?

A Yes. For all elections, right from Panchayat, Vidhan Sabha to Lok Sabha

Q Who do you vote for?

A Congress. I vote for Rajiv, Sonia Gandhi and their son Sanjay. We won our freedom because of Mahatma Gandhi, and that’s
why we vote for his family

Q Which place would you like to see in India?

A Delhi, India Gate in particular

Q Would you like your kids to study?

A Yes yes, definitely

Q Do you read newspapers?

A One can either work or read newspapers

Q Do you want to have more kids?

A Two children are too many

Q Have you ever been on a train?

A No

Q What is your wardrobe like?

A I have seven saris, one pair of chappals and one pair of sandals

Q Have you ever worn lipstick?

A No. My husband doesn’t like it. He curses women who wear it

Q What do you do with your monthly earnings?

A Most of our money goes up in chai-nashta. We keep the remaining 700 to 800 rupees floating by lending it to someone

Q Would you approve of inter-caste marriage?

A If you marry someone outside your caste, you become an outcaste. I can see the reasons behind marrying outside one’s own caste, though

Q Have you come across Eid or Christmas?

A No

Q Have you been to a cinema hall?

A Yes, twice. I saw one Hindi film (Koi Mil Gaya) and a Chhattisgarhi one (‘Don’t forget your parents’)