Open Minds 2016: Public Square

Ramachandra Guha: Free Thinker

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He is a philosopher of free thought and an indispensable interpreter of modern India

His is not a passive understanding of history and Indian sociopolitics. Ramachandra Guha exists alongside—and in tension with—the practice of Indian democracy, passing judgement on the state when it begins to become an end in itself, and driving discourse on the dangers of intolerance. His sharp criticism of the establishment inevitably sets off a chain reaction in the intellectual mindscape. For Guha is not just an indispensable interpreter of modern India, he is also a philosopher of free thought.

“The Republic of India is for me at once home, homeland and object of study. It is the most recklessly ambitious political experiment in human history, and I hope to spend the rest of my life exploring Indian society and politics.”

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