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S Prasannarajan • Pratap Bhanu Mehta • Swapan Dasgupta • Shashi Tharoor • Tunku Varadarajan • Shiv Visvanathan • Priyamvada Gopal • TM Krishna • Ullekh NP • Madhavankutty Pillai • V Shoba • Aresh Shirali • Sonali Acharjee • Shreya Sethuraman

Editor’s Note ~ by S Prasannarajan

A political leadership that realises the sanctity of individual autonomy and the limits of the state is all the more relevant today

Being Free to Be Free ~ by Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Let neither fear nor community piety usurp our freedom

A Loss of Character ~ by Swapan Dasgupta
The wild onrush of individualism and the vanishing sense of national purpose. Can India avert a moral decline?

Is Nothing Sacred? ~ by  Shashi Tharoor
The limits and indispensability of free speech in the age of social media

Where the Mind Is with Fear ~ by Tunku Varadarajan
Our political and cultural freedoms began to be eroded from the day we became free

A Montage Made in Memory ~ by Shiv Visvanathan
Poetics of a future in the fragmentary experiences of freedom and terror

A Thought for the Fettered ~ by Priyamvada Gopa
The importance of resistance in an India where religious nationalism embraces global capitalism

Beauty Redefined ~ by TM Krishna
Aesthetics is not a matter of arts alone in an age of stifling cultural battles

Liberators 2015 ~ by Ullekh NP
They are teachers and preachers, entrepreneurs and ecologists, students and dreamers. Their ideas make a difference in the life of others—for the better

Pulkit Gaur: The Geek as Humanist ~ by Ullekh NP
He wants to replace humans in hazardous occupations with robots

Father Davis Chiramel: The Priest Who Gave His Kidney ~ by Madhavankutty Pillai
His kindness and enthusiasm have set off a movement of organ donation

Sridhar Gundaiah: Call of the Countryside ~ by V Shoba
The man who is pioneering a rural e-commerce revolution

Neeraj Kakkar: Revenge of the Boatman ~ by Aresh Shirali
The entrepreneur who has made a go of classic Indian drinks in a market full of foreign carbonated beverages

Jasmeen Patheja: A Space Odyssey ~ by Sonali Acharjee
From setting up tea parties on lonely streets to encouraging mid-afternoon snoozes, she works to help people overcome their fear of public spaces

Sneha Keshav: Mind the F Word ~ by Sonali Acharjee
One woman’s mission to find suitable and fun alternatives to the four letter word

DD Nampoothiri: The Kind Professor ~ by Shreya Sethuraman
He helps disadvantaged students succeed in a competitive world