Wanted Men

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A new Mumbai-Delhi survey reveals what women look for in their men

Men are about as deep as a tea cup, they say. Or worse, tea saucer. Surprisingly, though, while women consider us men ‘shallow’ because we are programmed by evolutionary conspirators to assess potential mates by sizing up their bodily endowments—don’t know about tea, but D-cups are the stuff that sonnets are written on—there is very little they do about it.

Oh, wait! They’ve decided to hit back with something altogether more sinister—a set of opinions on men as turn-ons. Turn your gaze to the figures presented alongside, and you have a sample of some 101 women from Delhi and Mumbai, surveyed for Kaya Skin Care by Innovative Research Service, telling you exactly what they make of male sex appeal.

The clean-shaven male is back in the reckoning. The current focus of female desire hits the ooh-gee spot somewhere between the metrosexual and the retrosexual. Some 92 per cent of the surveyed girls think it’s important for a man to be well groomed. No one considers it insignificant.

If it’s any consolation for the scruffy, this demand seems more social than sexual in motivation; 93 per cent think grooming helps men get ahead in their professional lives, and 68 per cent consider well groomed men more dependable and responsible.

Skin, Kaya would be pleased to tomtom, is a bigger deal for women than men think. About 86 per cent say it’s important for their man to have good skin, and 94 per cent think it’s time they stopped stealing their skin products and got their own. But the most scorn is reserved for body hair; 53 per cent have a big ‘No’ for hairy guys. And 40 per cent want their men to have naturally hairless armpits!