Open Minds 2017: Public Square

Arnab Goswami, TV Journalist

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Let the Nation Know

Hated by some, loved by others, Arnab Goswami is India’s most influential TV anchor. His nationalist posturing and penchant for shouting at panellists may have invited accusations that he is arrogant and unfair, but Goswami knows what sells and what doesn’t. He has his ear to the ground, and for him, nationalism is non-negotiable.

“Arnab Goswami is a self-made brand who is risking everything now to start all over again” - Chitra Subramaniam, Editorial Adviser, Republic TV

It is not that histrionics and strong views alone make a news anchor an instant hit, but Goswami is ready to venture out and dream big. He deserves praise for launching a news channel on his own with the help of a few others, Republic TV. The former Times Now celebrity journalist has spawned a legion of imitators, but none anywhere close.

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