Open Minds 2017: Soft Power

Manish Mehrotra, Chef

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The Tastemaker

It seems there is no stopping Delhi’s favourite chef Manish Mehrotra. In 2009, when Indian Accent opened in a quiet residential complex, little did we know that the restaurant would become India’s best export when it comes to fine dining, with its menu of all things exotic—from duck khurchan cornetto, tandoori bacon prawns with masala malai to meetha aachaar spare ribs.

Food design is very important, but not at the cost of taste. At Indian Accent, taste will always be supreme

With a menu catering to Manhattan’s tastes, Indian Accent opened in New York in mid-2016 and has been gaining adulation since. Mehrotra has now announced a third branch in London in late 2017. With his knack for reinventing the local, Mehrotra is creating a whole new palate.

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